What is present inside a Video ?

What is present inside a Video ?

Let’s revisit our understanding on Video. We have many Video format for diverse applications.  Understanding a video format helps in applying right way. Let’s check our understanding here.

  1. Lab
    1. Container information
    2. Codec information
  2. Concepts
    1. What is codec and how it works ?
  3. Further reading

Video contains two main parts, Codec and Container.

Container: - we can find out easily by looking at video file extension. Codec: - Software to Compresses or De-Compresses the Video. image.png


Container information

  • If you see below, it contains three parts.
  • image-1.png

Codec information

  • How video is compressed? Here, this sample video is using H264 codec to compress the video.
  • In below, you see Codec Information about video file using Media Info.
  • image-2.png


What is codec and how it works ?

Codec is the reason we can play, store or stream the video, there are tons of codecs available today.

  • Video is a series of images.
    • Main Idea: Most experts have a tough time agreeing on an exact number, but the conclusion is that most humans can see at a rate of 30 to 60 frames per second.
    • Video player plays these images one by one based on time.
      • So, we can optimize on how we are going to save the Video, right ? We don’t need to save 30-60 images per second.
  • How to save these images as video file ? What Algorithm works ?
    • Humans invented the Codecs, which compresses/de-compresses the video file using many techniques in computer vision.
    • Simple example of one technique to compress series of images with visualization video is here

Further reading

  1. H264 Overview
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  3. Discrete cosine transform
  4. How many frames per second

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